Opportunity Education Foundation(USA) Program Inauguration Function Held on 11-Sep-2015 at Vinayaka High School,Kuppam
Vinayaka High School,Kuppam has received Opportunity Education Foundation(USA) PLAY WAY LEARNING and CREATIVITY MATERIALS. Three years ago we have applied for PLAY WAY LEARNING & CREATIVE MATERIALS from OEF(USA). We are pleased to share that we have received this wonderful opportunity from USA, through which our students from rural background will get chances of learning INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS OF TEACHING AIDS/MATERIALS for PLAY WAY,CREATIVE and PLAY WAY METHODS. In order the celebrate this great opportunity and to spread awareness among the parents, we have inaugurated this occasion on 11-SEP-2015 by inviting CHIEF GUESTS and all the Parents. The Program started at 1:30 PM, the Correspondent honoured the chief guests Mr.Srinivasa Reddy-Chittoor,Dr.Praveen Kumar,PES,KPM & all the parents and culminated the program at 4:30PM. .
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